digital assets need us

Liquidity is the missing piece in the digital asset ecosystem



The digital asset ecosystem is comprised of several building blocks: blockchain, tokenization, custody, banking service, marketplace and liquidity. The last missing piece for success of digital asset ecosystem is liquidity. In liquid markets, assets can be easily and instantaneously exchanged. However, many digital assets are still locked in illiquid markets. flovtec enables the exchange of digital assets at low costs and in a secure way, opening the door to a truly digital future of finance, enabled by the blockchain.




In any arrangement or community, the ‘keystone’ is considered one of the most vital parts.

A keystone species is an organism that has a disproportionate role in an ecosystem - holding the entire network together. It's removal creates a ripple effect that can destabilise the whole system. The balance is lost and ultimately, the ecosystem will simply cease to exist. In contrast, when a keystone species is in place it helps maintain structure and enables every element to flourish; creating a thriving ecosystem and opportunity for all.
In our world, the keystone is liquidity. Liquidity describes the ability of an asset to be  turned into cash; a critical role in the digital marketplace. At flovtec, we explore the synergy between flow & technology in order to build a fairer world.

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