Liquidity For

Tokens & Exchanges





Liquidity is the most important quality of any asset on the market. Without liquidity your token loses credibility and value, your trading venue becomes a desert, and your clients & investors are disappointed. Let us take care of liquidity for your token or your digital asset exchange.



Reliable, Fast technology

Our infrastructure enables us to provide liquidity 24/7, without interruption. We can onboard to reputable exchanges very quickly and fulfil the highest standard of IT security. Our algorithms serve both the largest, most liquid tokens, but also newer, more illiquid tokens, with ease.

Liquidoty Mandates

making your token liquid

Once we partner up for a Liquidity Mandate, our algorithms ensure reliable liquidity, in line with the goals we have defined together. You will witness constant bids in the market, narrow spreads and a deep order book. You will no longer have to worry about liquidity.

Keeping your capital safe

We operate as an investment manager and are fully compliant with the Swiss Regulatory Framework. As an investment manager we never take possession of your assets. Our client keeps control of the assets and merely gives us trading rights & access to the account.


We bring transparency to an untransparent industry. We constantly monitor the goals of the mandate and provide you with regular reports on the liquidity targets & our performance. Our contract clearly reflect our mutual understanding and you will not experience any unpleasant surprises.

fair price

flovtec is part of the digital asset ecosystem. We prosper, only if our clients thrive as well. Our objective is to ensure our prices are fair & competitive and to remain affordable for the emerging projects in the digital asset space, trying to make a difference.

how does it work?

Let flovtec's liquidity trading algorithms work for you and witness...


24/7 Reliable liquidity

Agree with us on the percentage of time we have orders in the market for your token


Narrow Spreads

Determine the targeted difference between the bid (buying) and ask (selling) prices of your tokens


Deep order books

Provide liquidity for your investors at several price levels of your token


Low volatility

Specify the target level of variability in the price of your token

six simple


Step 1

Contact flovtec and tell us more about your situation

Step 2

flovtec prepares a proposal where KPI's and terms are specified

Step 3

Fill out KYC/AML documents and sign a Liquidity Service Agreement

Step 4

flovtec sets up connectivity to the exchange & client grants flovtec trading access to his account

Step 5

flovtec initiates trading on behalf of client

Step 6

Constant monitoring and regular reporting

Get started

How it works? Six simple steps:

Step 1

Submit a request above and select the market making package that suits you

Step 2

Receive our Market Making Service Agreement via email

Step 3

Onboard online and sign agreement

Step 4

Give flovtec limited trading access to your account on the exchange(s)

Step 5

Make sure sufficient capital for market making is on your account

Step 6

Lean back and relax! You have enabled your token to be liquid


Additional Services


Advisory Services

We have the experience of issuing & listing a token. We help you with token structuring for a successful public launch and select the right exchange partner for you, from our network.


Order Book Replication

We integrate the order books from the largest exchanges to a global order book and re-inject this liquidity into your exchange.


OTC services

We help you execute peer-to-peer trades to minimize the price impact of large transactions. We remove your risk of digital asset price movement by hedging your exposure.


Token lifecycle management

We accompany the entire journey of your token. From first day of trading, to continuous liquidity provision, to managing token events such as vesting periods, minting and burning tokens.


price support

At initiation of trading, we help you with mechanisms that can stabilize the price of your token within a certain range for a restricted period.


Optimal Trade Execution

Our systems can enable optimal acquisition and liquidation of assets. We offer you a reliable and trustworthy way of executing spot orders in both illiquid and liquid markets.