Liquidity provision
in a digital marketplace

flovtec is a quantitative investment firm with the purpose to unlock digital assets by providing liquidity.

Problem statement
  • Blockchain is a global digital asset platform
  • Assets are digitized and listed on blockchain
  • Digital assets need liquidity
Mission statement
  • We provide liquidity
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The blockchain is a global and decentralized ledger. By design, it is a transparent, fail-proof, and tamper-proof self-governed computer network.

The blockchain is a also a platform for d@ssets (digital assets). As it is not restricted by national borders it is accessible to anyone with a device connected to the Internet. Experts expect the blockchain to not only profoundly disrupt finance, but also to democratize it.



Real-world assets are transformed into their digital form as tokens on the blockchain. In other words, every entity possessing a value can be represented by its token. As a consequence, a digital universe of value emerges.

Tokenization does, however, not stop here. Also intangible assets find their digital blockchain representations.



A custodian is an organisation responsible for safeguarding people’s financial assets. In the blockchain world, specialized custodians keep your d@ssets safe and secure.



With the emergence of the blockchain, new digital and tech-savvy banks are appearing. These banking partners on-board end clients and fulfill all the required regulations.



In order to facilitate the exchange of d@ssets, professional trading venues provide access to digital marketplaces. Now buying and selling d@ssets can happen fast & efficient, with a click of a button.



The last missing piece within this digital ecosystem is liquidity. In liquid markets, assets can be easily and instantaneously exchanged. However, many d@ssets are still locked in illiquid markets. flovtec enables the exchange of d@ssets at low costs and in a secure way, opening the door to a truly digital future of finance, enabled by the blockchain.


We are a team of technologists with deep financial expertise.

Anton Golub

Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer
Anton is a Founding Partner, CEO, Head of the Client Relationship Management and Deputy Head of Investment Management at flovtec. He is Co-Founder of Trust Square. He was Co-Founder and served as Chief Science Officer of Lykke Corporation from 2016 to 2018. Previously, he held positions at Olsen Ltd as Quantitative Researcher (2012–2016), at UK Treasury as Project Leader focusing on the Impact of Internalisation on the Quality of Displayed Liquidity as a part of the Foresight Project — the Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets project commissioned by UK Treasury (2011) and at Manchester Business School (2010–2012) as Researcher as well as Visiting Researcher. Anton attended a bootcamp in Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management at Baruch College in Cuny and holds a Master in Financial and Business Mathematics from the University of Zagreb.
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Emanuel Burgener

Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer
Emanuel is a Founding Partner and CIO of flovtec. Previously, he was a Member of the Executive Committee of ecamos and was responsible for their Quantitative Research and Development (2014–2018). Further, he was a Founding Partner, Member of the Board and served as Head of Quantitative Research & Development of Linard Capital (2011–2014), a Portfolio Advisor and Member of the Investment Committee at SIGLO Capital Advisors (2009–2011) and a Financial Analyst at Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild (2006–2008). Emanuel is a CAIA charterholder, and holds a Master in Mathematics from the University of Lausanne and a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Applied Statistics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.
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Thomas Fecker Boxler

Founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer
Thomas is a Founding Partner and COO/CFO of flovtec. Prior to flovtec, in the role as COO/CFO, he successfully built up StoneMilliner Asset Mangement AG to one of the leading Global Macro Hedge Funds (2011-2018) and worked as COO in Global Foreign Exchange Trading at Credit Suisse (2009–2011). From 2006–2009, Thomas was COO/CFO of Kraus Partner Investment Solutions AG, and prior to this he was Senior Business Analyst at Credit Suisse Asset Mangement (2004–2006). Thomas also worked for Partners Group and held various roles at UBS Investment Bank in the FX division (1995–2004). He received an Executive MBA from University of Bern and an MBA from the Simon School of Business at University of Rochester in the US (2008–2009). He is a CFA charterholder and also holds a degree in Business Administration from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (2002).
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Manuel Krieger

Chairman of the Board
Manuel is Founder and Chairman of the BoD of flovtec, Member of the Board of Custodigit AG, Founder and Advisor of Trust Square AG and serves as CEO of Sygnum AG. Previously, he worked for Olsen Ltd as CEO (2017), was self-employed working on Research and Development of Algorithmic Trading Strategies (2014–2017), took responsibility as Head Multi Asset Class Portfolio Management at 1741 Asset Management AG (2012–2014) and had different roles with Wegelin & Co Private Bankers (2004–2012), Shanghai Optical Storage Technologies (2004) and Hunter Douglas (2003). He holds a Master in Banking and Finance from the University of St. Gallen and a Master in Information Management from the University of Fribourg.
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