What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer in order to track your website visit when you navigate between different pages or in order to store settings (for example the selected language) between your visits. Cookies help the website developers to collect statistical data on how often persons visit particular areas of the website, which helps them develop tailor-made websites which are more useful and user-friendly.

Use of cookies

By using the flovtec website you are consenting to the use of cookies for the stated purposes. You can decide at any time that you do not want cookies to be used by deleting the cookies that have been put in place by the flovtec website. To do this, access the settings in your Internet browser and activate the “Delete all cookies” option.

Cookies used by third parties  

Occasionally we use components provided by third parties (for example plug-ins) in order to improve the user experience and our online advertising campaigns. These components may also use cookies for similar purposes. Neither we nor these third parties have access to the data collected by the other cookies.

We may use cookies to display advertisements for flovtec products when you visit websites of third parties with whom we maintain marketing relationships.

Under certain circumstances, third parties may collect anonymised information concerning the use of our website and others (such as geographical information, information on user behaviour on a website or the names of websites on which advertisements have been displayed). We use this anonymised data in order to display more relevant and useful advertisements and to improve the effectiveness of our advertising measures.