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Advisory Services

We have the experience of issuing & listing a token. We help you with token structuring for a successful public launch and select the right exchange partner for you, from our network.

Order Book Replication

We integrate the order books from the largest exchanges to a global order book and re-inject this liquidity into your exchange.

OTC services

We help you execute peer-to-peer trades to minimize the price impact of large transactions. We remove your risk of digital asset price movement by hedging your exposure.

Token lifecycle management

We accompany the entire journey of your token. From first day of trading, to continuous liquidity provision, to managing token events such as vesting periods, minting and burning tokens.
Safety and Trust

price support

At initiation of trading, we help you with mechanisms that can stabilize the price of your token within a certain range for a restricted period.

Optimal Trade Execution

Our systems can enable optimal acquisition and liquidation of assets. We offer you a reliable and trustworthy way of executing spot orders in both illiquid and liquid markets.